The GSI quantifies interaction styles to show teams how they can work together more effectively and achieve synergy when solving problems-that is, to ensure that their interactive efforts have a greater impact than the sum of their individual efforts. Designed for serious team-building programs, the group styles measured by the GSI are directly related to team effectiveness, solution acceptance, solution quality, and synergy. Used in conjunction with a group problem – solving simulation, the GSI provides significant practical insights into how a group functions, allowing the group to focus its efforts precisely on where improvement is needed. GSI results illustrate individual members’ perceptions, as well as the collective perspective of the team as a whole, of the degree to which 12 specific group styles emerged during a problem-solving activity.


  • Provides group members with a “safe” way to talk about team and individual behaviours and the impact these have on group performance
  • Allows group members to clearly identify what is helping and hindering the team in its efforts-leading to developmental planning for enhanced performance



Group Styles
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