Beyond Emotional Intelligence: The LSI assesses and provides feedback on thinking and behavioral patterns that people can change to develop themselves along multiple dimensions, including their ability to understand and manage their emotions.

As one of J Lindberg entry assessments, the LSI has helped millions of individuals gain self-awareness as well as an understanding of the relationship between personal, management, and leadership styles and effectiveness. Years of research using thousands of data points demonstrates that LSI styles are related to various indicators of individual effectiveness, including quality of interpersonal relations, openness to feedback, stress, salary, and organizational level.

The LSI specifically provides participants with feedback on Self (LSI 1) and Others’ (LSI 2) reports on personal orientations and 12 specific thinking and behavioral styles associated with these orientations.

Results are plotted on the Circumplex, which is normed against 14,000 individuals.


  • Clearly describes the individual’s thinking and behavior in ways that promote Constructive change
  • Highlights similarities and differences between self and others’ views (ILF), leading to greater awareness and a focus on improvement
  • Meets academic and psychometric standards


Life Style Inventory
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