The influence leaders and managers have on the performance of their teams and, ultimately, their organisations cannot be understated.

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Leaders shape the way people think and behave – leaders are viewed by others as role models, and employees look around to see if their behaviour is consistent with the organisation’s espoused values and philosophy. Leaders set the agenda. Leaders influence the organisation’s culture and in turn the long term effectiveness of the organisation. Leaders and managers set the context within which organisational members strive for excellence and work together to achieve organizational goals.

The Leadership Impact clearly highlights the relationship between leadership strategies, the impact leaders have on others, and effectiveness in the leadership role. This impact has enormous significance in helping understand organisational culture and the role that norms and expectations play in organisational effectiveness.

Leadership helps shape culture. Culture in turn shapes leadership. They both drive performance. We help those in leadership roles identify the relationship between behavior strategies and styles and leadership effectiveness, while providing a process for building personal capability in the leadership role.

We offer a range of assessments designed to develop leaders and managers that meet rigorous academic and psychometric standards while being practical and relevant to the real world.



The Impact of Leaders
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